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Privacy Notice

At Silhouette-Fashion P.C. we commit ourselves to make every effort to protect our customers' privacy and inform you that we take our commitment to the security of your personal information very seriously. We will be honest and clear about our statements regarding the data we collect, the purposes for which we collect them, and the conditions under which we may share them.
Before you sign up, or enter any information in our e-shop please read carefully and consent regarding this privacy policy statement, terms related to the use of this software and provided services.
If today you are under 16 years of age, for your registration according to the law, you need to send us a parent or guardian's consent (validated by Competent Authority).
Policies we apply regarding to personal data are declared in this privacy policy statement are in comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Transparency regarding the data we collect.

Our goal is for users of this software to understand the content of the information collected when registering in our online store, but also the benefits that accrue to them.
• Easy access for users to their personal data
• The availability of correct user information contributes to a smooth experience during the customer's visit and transactions • Through the software we provide each user with the ability to update the information related to their account so that it is always correct and up-to-date.
• Protection of the user's personal data.
• We understand that users trust us by registering their personal data in our online store and we are committed to storing it properly and securely.
• We use software to protect and ensure the privacy of information, while implementing personal data management practices, from collection to destruction.
• Limitation of data sharing.
• We place restrictions on sharing personal data of registered users of our online store.

What constitutes personal information or personal data?

• Personal information is that which relates to an identified or identifiable natural person.
• An identified natural person is any natural person who can be identified directly or indirectly by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identity card, residence details, network identifier, or by reference to one or more factors related to physical, physiological, genetic, intellectual, economic or social identity of the natural person.
• Information included in the software is not considered personal data, when it has been anonymized or grouped so that it is no longer possible to use it in a way that results in the identification of a specific natural person, even if combined with another way or other information.

Which of your personal data is collected and in what way?

• Your personal data is collected when you use our online store.
In particular, we collect your personal data when you use our online store registration form to register, when you fill in data in a web form of our online store, when you enter or edit your account information, or when you correspond with us.
• Some of the data collected is personally identifiable, such as that which can be used to identify you, and is required to be included in this software user license.
• Registering or providing any other personal data on your part is optional, however it may be necessary when using our online store in order to use its features to the maximum extent.
• We may also collect personal data from other sources as described below:
• Other data that you enter or change while using the software or that is linked to your account.
• Possibly information such as connection data, e.g. IP address, personal computer, statistics regarding the use of the software pages, navigation history, or even geographical location including what may be provided by mobile devices you use while using the software.
• Data from discussions or exchange of messages that may come from your communication with our company.
• Additional information in case we are obliged or authorized by the Competent Authorities to collect and process in the context of the application of National and European Legislation, with the object of your identification or the verification of the information we have collected.

Data Processing Manager

The Data Processing Manager in relation to the personal data registered in our online store is Silhouette-Fashion P.C company manager.

How and for what purpose will the collected data be used?

• Regarding the data entered by the user during registration for the purpose of creating an account and possibly making purchases:
• The personal data you fill in when you register in our online store are used in order to complete your registration, so create an account in order to be assigned the corresponding license.
• The registration form includes identification data such as your name, date of birth and email address.
• Regarding data registered and accessed by users on their behalf:
• Our online store is addressed to customers who purchase products or services provided through it, therefore, any data entered in it is intended and expressly agreed to be used as follows:
to maintain a customer list with basic customer data or order history which contains details regarding each order such as the type, value, shipping method and place of delivery.

disclosure of your personal data

We will never share your personal data with third parties, with the following unique exceptions:
a) in the event of a breach by you of the privacy terms or the license terms of our online store as described in this privacy policy statement, as long as this breach results in civil or criminal liability.
b) in case of malicious or illegal use of our online store as described in this privacy policy statement and the relevant license terms.
c) in case they are requested through legal procedures by the Competent Authorities.
In the above cases, your personal data will be shared with the Competent Authorities, without prior warning while we inform you that we reserve every legal reservation and right, in order to request any civil or criminal responsibilities that arise.
• In addition to the above, it is possible that we will share your personal data with third parties, e.g. for the purpose of carrying out targeted advertising information, we will previously provide you with clear and transparent procedures regarding the impact that such sharing would have for you, as well as for the reason or the extent to which this information will be shared, while we will provide you with options to limit the data that will be shared or to completely exclude the sharing of your personal data from any sharing with third parties.

Modification, revocation and deletion of personal data

• You can modify your account information in our online store, or revoke the relevant assignment of your consent regarding this privacy policy statement, by deleting your account at any time, through the account management section.
• You should be aware that if you choose to withdraw your consent by deleting your account, all your personal data registered will be deleted at the same time, while your access to our online store will also be suspended.
• In the event that you wish to register again in the future, you will need to go through the new user registration process and enter your data from the beginning.

Possible future changes to this privacy policy.

There is the possibility that in the future additions or changes will be made to this privacy policy statement, such cases will however be communicated to you each time via electronic mail or by a relevant post through our online store, while you always retain the right to withdraw your consent as described above .

Supervisory Competent Authority and right to lodge complaints

We have made every effort to ensure that this privacy policy statement does not leave any aspect of the European GDPR regulation uncovered.
If you still disagree with the content, consider it offensive to you, or infringed in some way by us, not only can you contact us directly in order to submit your comments or complaints, but you reserve the right to address a corresponding complaint to the Greek Personal Data Protection Authority, at


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Our store requires the visitor's computer to accept a session cookie. This session cookie simply contains the session ID number that identifies the visitor to the store, as distinct from other visitors. The session cookie does not contain personally identifiable information and is itself anonymous, as a third party cannot use anything in the cookie to identify the visitor in any way.

In a typical configuration, and by default, this session cookie expires at the end of the visitor's browser session or a predetermined time (typically 24 minutes) after the last "click", whichever is earlier.

We may also use Google analytics. Google analytics cookies help collect data that allows services to understand how users interact with a particular service. This information allows the Services to both improve content and create better features that enhance the user experience.

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