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Conditions of Use


The online store, is a store selling women's clothing and operates in the context of fulfilling the purpose of the private capital company under the name SILHOUETTE-FASHION PRIVATE COMPANY, based in Thessaloniki, at 33 Tsimiski Street, 1st floor, ZIP 54624, contact phone, 2310 288224, 2310 288028 [Hereinafter the Company]. The online store operates at [hereinafter: the Online Store] under the terms and conditions set out below. The use of the online store presupposes the unconditional acceptance of the individual terms and conditions. The user, continuing to use the online store, declares that he accepts without reservation all its terms and conditions of operation.


The Company unilaterally reserves the right to modify in part or in whole, unilaterally its terms and conditions of transactions. Any partial or complete changes to these terms will be notified to users through this online store website and will take effect immediately from the time of their publication on the website without any prior notice. Furthermore, the Company reserves the right to change the content of the website, such as price, availability, photo, description without prior notice to users.


The Company is committed to the users regarding the completeness, quality and validity of the information provided within this website, without prejudice to any technical or typographical errors that cannot be predicted or have occurred unintentionally or inadvertently or due to interruption of the website due to reasons of force majeure. At the same time, the Company reserves the right to change the content of the website, without prior notice at any time and these changes take effect immediately from the time of their publication on the internet.


As the main platform of this online store, the free, open Zen-cart software is used and to the extent that it concerns the same software without the additions or modifications, the respective intellectual property belongs to its manufacturers.

Free open source software template with the title responsive Sheffield blue from the manufacturer Picaflοr-azul is also used and as far as the same software is concerned without the additions or modifications, the respective intellectual property belongs to its manufacturers.

The content of this online store including badges, badges, graphics, photos, text designs and more. are the intellectual property of the company under the name SILHOUETTE- FASHION PC and are protected under the provisions on intellectual property as provided in Greek and EU law and international conventions. It is prohibited to copy, transfer, create a derivative work based on the content of this online store or mislead the public in relation to the true provider of the online store.

It is forbidden to copy, transfer or create a derivative work based on this content or mislead the public about the actual provider of the online store. Dissemination, transmission, reproduction, republishing, uploading, dissemination, announcement, or any other form, use of the online store content in any way or means for commercial or other purposes is permitted only with the prior written consent of the Company under the name SILHOUETTE FASHION P.C. as legally represented.


Two login codes are used for authentication: email or username and a secret security code. Every time you enter them, your access to your personal data is guaranteed. You can change the secret security code without restrictions. Your personal data is accessible by you through the above mentioned security codes and you are solely responsible - or for the protection of their privacy and privacy. In case of unwanted disclosure or loss, you must inform us immediately, otherwise, the Company and the online store, are not responsible for any use by unauthorized persons. For security reasons it is recommended to change the password frequently and to avoid using common or even easy codes (eg date of birth).


The ability to purchase products through this online store is limited exclusively to individuals capable of concluding contracts remotely in accordance with the provisions of Greek Law.
•If you are currently under the age of 16, by law you are not allowed to register and use our online store unless you have previously sent us a written and validated consent statement from a parent or guardian.


Upon completion of the order, the user addresses to the Online Store a purchase proposal of the products in his cart. The confirmation of receipt of the purchase proposal, sent when submitting the order under the terms and conditions set forth here, proves the receipt of the order from the Online Store. In case there is availability of the ordered product then the acceptance of the proposal takes place immediately.


Payments for products or services from our online store are made exclusively by deposit or transfer to the bank account of the company SIlouette Fashion PC by credit, debit or prepaid card through PayPal.

All prices in this Online Store are expressed in Euros and include the legal VAT. Upon completion of the ordering process, the customer can choose the payment method displayed. The data entered by the customer during the payment with are not processed, controlled or stored by the above processing, but by the respective payment service provider and / or payment server. In case a refund is required, this is done by the Online Store in the same way in which the user paid the price, unless otherwise agreed with the customer, without culpable or unjustified delay.


We make sure our online store is up to date. However, due to technical or other unintentional errors or force majeure, there may be products that appear to be out of stock in some size or color. In this case, the user is informed via email and the way of recovery is suggested either by canceling the order and the simultaneous refund, or by agreeing on a new delivery date. If you agree on the new delivery time you must notify us either by email or by fax that you are aware of the lack of availability and wish to keep the order valid. In case the new conditions for the execution of the order do not satisfy you, your order will be canceled.


If for reasons due to force majeure, such as indicatively bad weather conditions, strikes and so on. It is not possible for the Company to deliver the products you ordered within the set deadline then. inform you, in order to tell us if you wish, under these circumstances, the completion of your order.


The delivery times of the products and the delivery costs are listed in a special place when submitting the order and vary depending on the availability of the product.


Any delivered products remain the property of the store owner until the final, full and complete payment of the price to it.


If the user is a natural person who draws up the contract of sale, as a final use for personal use and not in the context of serving his individual professional activity, then according to the provisions of Law 2251/1994 he has the possibility to withdraw from the sale within within 14 days from the day of placing the order, returning the product to its original condition, charged with the return costs and any reduction in the value of the products.


The customers of our online store, expressly declare and accept that they will not use in any way the website and its content in an illegal way, contrary to the good and transactional morals, illegal, immoral, offensive or malicious . . In addition, they state that the information provided in this online store is accurate and correct. Finally, they declare that they assume all responsibility during the use of the online store and their account, by any unauthorized persons by them as well as the rectification of the loss and the lost profits that may arise for the company SILHOUETTE-FASHION P.C. in this online store and / or to any third party.


The Company and the online store "" are not responsible for any errors in prices, features or photos and reserves the right to change prices - features without prior notice. It is also not liable to users / customers for any damages that may occur during the execution of the order for any errors in prices, features or photos and reserves the right to change prices without notice. At the same time it does not bear any responsibility for direct or indirect, positive or negative damage (indicative and not exclusively mentioned, lost profits, business shutdown, loss of data and data, loss of customer, etc.), which arise in connection with the operation, or / and the use of the online store.
In case of a defective or problematic product you should contact a representative of our online store, and you will be served immediately either by replacing the defective product or by refund.


These general terms and conditions are governed by Greek law. Any dispute arising from the contractual relationship between the Store and the Customer-consumer, is competent by the competent courts of Thessaloniki.